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If you are like me, often you read a page with some really great statistics or is a full reference page, think you have saved it, then find a few weeks later you can't remember exactly where it is and you really need to reference it...  If you have some other suggestions, please, feel free to let me know via the form below:


Australian Bureau of Statistics  - Along with our free statistics, we also provide related information and services on a wide range of economic, social matters and environmental matters.
Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)  - Responsible for providing the Australian people with an independent electoral service.
Government ministry  – List of Ministers & their portfolios
SuperSeeker  - Australian Government Australian Taxation Office to keep track of your Super.


Australian Press Council - The Council is also the principal body with responsibility for responding to complaints about Australian newspapers, magazines and associated digital outlets.
Lodging a Complaint about the ABC  - The Australian Broadcasting Corporation invites and welcomes your feedback... 
Essential Vision  - Essential Report Weekly Polling
CONTACTS: journalists and media  - Contact details for key journalists and the organisations they work for. I know, I know. … for which they work! Via @btckr
Lyn's Daily Links  - Lyn's Daily Links posts of interest to the contemporary political debate updated daily. via @lynlinking
The ABC Has Gone To Hell  - This blog is going to call out these many and varied breaches. As well as establish a catalogue of the lazy, sloppy and trite political coverage and analysis that pockmarks political coverage in numerous programs, in their diverse formats, on the ABC. via @abcgonetohell


Liberal Party Media Releases  - Other links for Speeches, Transcripts on this page as well
Australian Labor 'News'  - Other Labor links available on this page
The Greens Media Releases  - State information also available here
Katter's Australian Party Media Releases  - Mostly Qld news at the moment...
"Make a difference before you vote" Uploading of Election Leaflets so everyone can see what is being disseminated, as we know, (from the few on this site) not always truthfully :(
Tony Abbott gaffes  - A laundry list of Tony Abbott gaffes since 2010 so they are not forgotten and to remind voters that he is not fit to be PM or to represent Australia on the international stage. Via @ch150ch
Independent & Green MP’s in current Govt  via @NoFibs


NBN Co   - Site to check where & when NBN is rolling out in each area of the country
Friends of the National Broadband Network  - Dedicated to removing roadblocks from NBN rollout via @PolAnimalAus
Super Question: How Far Do You Cut? Where wealth resides via @sloughly
Twitter - How to report violations
Twitter - My account has been hacked 
Facebook - Data Use Policy  - A number of links here you may need if you use Facebook for social media

Think Tanks or Political Interest Groups

The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) - Supposedly 'The Voice For Freedom 70 years: 1943 - 2013'
Australian Fabian Society  - For more than half a century, we have been at the forefront of research and debate into progressive political ideas and public policy reform."

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