NOT Left or Right, Seriously NOT ALP, LIB or Green. Just a Punter... more

When people are scared and anxious, information is more important than scoop!

08 Aug2020
Right! About *that* Dan Andrews Victorian government press conference (06 August 2020) on the first day of the second lock down in Victoria… Read More...

Scott Morrison cancelling Parliament - again - is pathetic!

20 Jul2020
This afternoon I was horrified to see the below tweet fly through. Not that Parliament had been cancelled, we were already informed of that and you might have seen #JobShirker trending on twitter, it was apt, but [...] Read More...

Oh Super Netball has a 2-point shot now, I must watch. Said no-one ever!

24 Jun2020
With no netball, not even signing news, netball twitter has been pretty quiet in recent months, until yesterday when it went off like a firecracker with the decree when after not tweeting for a month, @9Netball [...] Read More...

Twitter - Not an echo chamber

17 Jun2020
It always starts with a tweet, always! As with many things on twitter, a random conversation can turn into all sorts of things and one evening a discussion between @Info_Aus, @slsandpet and I in regard to a very [...] Read More...

Queensland grew up on the weekend, but racists gotta racist ☹

10 Jun2020
If you are of a certain age, let’s say over 50 and grew up in Queensland, you grew up under the Joh Bjelke-Petersen era and if you don’t know what those years were like, you just can’t appreciate what we saw [...] Read More...

WOAH! People we have a JobKeeper, but is it really?

31 Mar2020
I am really happy that the government has finally done something more than just bail out Qantas, and I hope this JobKeeper will actually help many employees who have been sacked or are in terror of losing their [...] Read More...

Give yourself the gift of 'doing a Morrison' for Christmas

22 Dec2019
Aloha! The last 4am brain dump straight to keyboard rant for the year for me. Reflections of the year, lovely feel-good Christmas spirit type pieces seem to be the go, so I thought, hell, yeah! I can do a [...] Read More...

Never too old to learn a new sport, even as a spectator 😉

17 Nov2019
Did you know we had a National Women’s Ice Hockey competition in Australia? I didn’t, well, I didn’t until a few weeks ago. As a proponent of women’s sport in this country, have to admit, I was pretty [...] Read More...

The 2 point shot idea in Netball? Get in the bin!

26 Sep2019
The 2 point shot is back again, like a bad smell it just won’t go away UGH! We just had a great season of Suncorp Super Netball, we are now in the phase where the post-mortems are done on how the season went [...] Read More...

Netball fans are here if you need

27 May2019
Women’s Sport in Australia is finally coming into some prominence. From Matildas to ALFW, everyone is getting regular mentions in our newspapers and in sports reports on the telly – not as much as we would [...] Read More...

Slow clap Australia

19 May2019
Look, I hate to say I told you so, I wanted to be wrong, but… I wrote this back on the 28th of April, “Will the Coalition lose after all” where I discussed the full deck of odious right wing parties on the [...] Read More...

What do the dumb people do?

19 May2019
Well, my standard four hours of sleep did not improve my mood. I remain gutted. I have decided to rant. It was supposed to be cathartic, but I think I might be getting angrier by the minute as I keep thinking of [...] Read More...

Ghosts of social media past, a very modern political problem

03 May2019
There has been a conga line of candidates who have been disendorsed or quit in recent days – and more to come I’d say – all due to comments they have made on social media. Read More...

Dear Izzy, you have a choice unlike LGBTIQ

14 Apr2019
A lot is going on with the sacking – or potential sacking – of Israel Folau from Rugby Australia. It has been fascinating to watch and interesting to see various sports journalists, pundits and the public [...] Read More...

Don’t forget the women who have been left behind on International Women’s Day

08 Mar2019
Personally I would say Men’s Day is every day, but, anyhoo, now that I have pissed off any dudebros who are reading this… 😉 Let’s discuss how we can make International Women’s Day better. Read More...
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