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16 Jun 2013

Women and Power Forum, Noosa, Live Tweets via @xsentertainment

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Or should the question be: In a male-dominated society, how did they manage such momentous and rapid revolution?

This was an excellent forum that I sadly had to miss, luckily the lovely Xanthe was live tweeting so we could be part of the conversation.  Full info & Bios for participants can be found on The Noosa Long Weekend site :

Rosa Storelli, a respected, successful then sacked private school headmistress. “New territory” is the way Rosa’s female chairman is reported to have described the evolving environment of female CEO and female chair;
Rebecca Huntley, researcher with a doctorate in gender studies; author of numerous books including The Italian Girl; print, radio and television social commentator; and contributor to BRW and Vogue. Rebecca is Executive Director of The Mind and Mood Report, Australia’s longest running social trends study;
Chris Wallace, journalist, author of a Germaine Greer biography, and deep into researching a biography of Julia Gillard before abandoning the project; and
Judith Brett, political academic and author who has written of the misogyny she sees in current Australian political life.
The discussion will be led by Paul Barclay and recorded for broadcast on Radio National’s “Big Ideas” programs.
Thanks to the lovely (and very talented) Xanthe.  I hope you enjoyed the thought-provoking points raised as much as I did.
Noely (@YaThinkN)
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