The nbn seems to have gone quiet again in the media, yet, many are still waiting for it. We need to know if you are speeding along the information super highway or crawling along the interwebz at a frustrating snails pace?

Since we did our original surveys for the Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network back in February 2014 our needs have changed quite a bit. From the popularity of the likes of Netflix to many pieces of common small business software now only being available online, it would appear that our ‘need’ for a robust ‘interweb’ has only increased in the last few years, the mind boggles as to what we will require in coming years?

Anyhow... With this in mind, we are doing another survey and would really appreciate you filling it out so we can see exactly what the state of the internet is in this nation at the moment. What areas still need improvement, if the FTTP nbn offered pre 2013 is different to that offered after the Muti-Mix Technology was offered, is the Sky Muster helping rural/regional areas, the list goes on.

If you could take the time to fill the survey out it would be really appreciated. Of course we respect your privacy and the data will go no further exactly as we did in 2014 and of course, we will publish the results of what we find out.

fill out survey here please: “State of the Internet Australia
note this survey is hosted on our broadband specific blog

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact myself or Pascal and of course, if you can spread amongst your networks that would be great, friends, neighbours, local club, you name it, we want as many possible filling out the survey so we can see what areas are speeding along nicely and what areas need work ;-)

Thanks in anticipation of you helping us out!
Noely & Pascal

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