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14 May 2017

Internet of Good on #Auspol, Tweeps you need to follow

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We are building a definitive list of those people on Twitter who inform us, investigate for us and advocate for us, who are not paid to do so and are outside of standard media or organisations. We are doing this so that we can all not only follow them on Twitter, but support them financially too so as to ensure we always have access to their knowledge and thank them for their efforts on our behalf.

Back on the 9th of May 2017 Caitlin Mary and I did a podcast* on Auspol on Twitter and since then we have thought very hard about just who is really informative on Twitter, gives their information to the community, works on behalf of the community and should really be supported by us all on Twitter for their efforts to inform, educate or advocate for us.

This list is a work in progress and will be added to as more information comes to hand. Please support these people as they make both Twitter and the Auspol community a better place for all of us.


Is a lovely woman who every single day goes to the effort of finding articles from Newspapers, blogs, you name it to tweet out all the Auspol news we need so you don’t have to do it yourself.
Please support Lyn her by following her and taking the time to say thank you. (btw she loves Roses, so toss her a pretty rose when you do)

Lyndsey Jackson

Is one of the big movers and shakers behind the #NotMyDebt website that has helped thousands caught up in Centrelink’s robo debt over-reach.
Please support Lyndsey by following her and considering using her drupal services to support her business and pay the bills if your business happens to need website.

Paula Matthewson

Paula writes for a variety of publications freelance with a unique perspective on Auspol due to prior experience in a previous Government. You can find her work on
You can support Paula by following her and subscribing to any of the publications that give her the odd gig - she does have a grand child she needs to spoil nowadays ;-)

Michael West

Michael is a former Fairfax journalist now freelance who disentangles the shenanigans in the business world.
To support Michael, not only follow him, but subscribe to his site so that he can actually afford to continue his investigative work -  and as the old Democrats used to say - Keep the bastards honest.

Rosie Williams

Rosie runs The Little Bird Network and has been a massive advocate of open data, you would know her from #CensusFail #cashlesswelfare and #metadata. This hard working woman gets no funding for the effort she puts in. How a community organisation or government agency has not picked her up for her services is beyond me.
Please support Rosie by not just following her but if you have any cash to spare, donate to so she can put food on the table.

Asher Wolf

You can read a lot of Ashers work on though you may know her from her work in regard to #CensusFail and #NotMyDebt just to name a few. Asher is a freelance journalist with a variety of skills who the big media orgs overlook for a regular paying gig, yet seem to be happy to refer to her work, usually without credit of course :(
Please support Asher by following her & more importantly supporting her ability to freelance by contributing to her patreon so she can continue to help us all with her investigative work.


We will be adding to this list as we go along, so please, make sure you let me know of any tweeps you think deserve to be here so we can add them to build a definitive list of people who we all need to follow and more importantly, support with a few bucks we can spare to ensure they can keep informing us and advocating for us 😊

PS. I stole the title @interrogativus  read his piece “Internet of Good” and you will understand why πŸ˜‰
*#AuspolPunters | Noely and Caitlin | 'Back to Basics'



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