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16 May 2013

An epic @R_Chirgwin Twitter rant in disgust at Coalition #NDIS No Show

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Sadly Jim was wrong, the 'voters' will not know about this insult as it was not reported in the news :( :: I am assuming the photo above should be credited to Andrew Meares ‏@mearesy unfortunately I have no idea how many times it had been passed around on Twitter before I saw it, therefore if that is not correct and someone else deserves the credit, please let me know immediately to amend.

Many of you are most likely aware that yesterday a bill was introduced in Parliament to increase the Medicare Levy to help fund 'DisabilityCare', still more commonly referred to online as #NDIS.  What many of you may not know as our esteemed media (sarcasm dripping) did not bother to report that the opposition was basically a 'No Show'.  It was the most disgusting display of disrespect to a segment of our community that has been working for years to get this support.  It was a historic moment in our history, yet, the Coalition preferred to play politics than give the disabled the respect they deserved, thereby turning it into one of lowest & most shameful sittings of Federal Parliament in our history.  

To compound the disrespect, our media did not even bother to report it. 

Many of us were appalled, frustrated and beyond saddened at this stunning display of indifference by a party that is supposedly going to be leading this nation in a few months time as the media keep telling us.  Mr Richard Chirgwin spoke for many in the following epic rant.  Note some ripe language has been used, underlining the sheer anger and contempt experienced from a man who is usually such a gentleman.  Many of us understood and watched his feed in awe.  The epic rant has been embedded below for those who missed it:

I will note here that Richard had a number of people attempt to shut him down, I will only include the one so that you get the 'idea' as to how this epic rant went down :)

And that folks is how you do a twitter rant :)

There is speculation as to who was actually present in the Chamber, to be fair the ALP did not exactly drape themselves in glory, though with a Budget just announced, there may be legit reasons for lack of numbers, though nothing can compare to the pathetic display from the Opposition.

The best confirmation of attendance we can ascertain is below:

If you have further names or I am missing any of the above, please just let me know :)
Noely (@YaThinkN)

7.00 am 16 May 2013  “Opposition blocks bid to be with sick baby” The lack of empathy or care from the Coalition continues this morning.  Politics is definitely more important than ‘people’ and how anyone can condone this behaviour is beyond me.

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