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This area was former knows as 'Stuff'. Where I put random thoughts, it is now being revamped to accomodate #AuspolActs. Which is a twitter initiative to help people make a positive difference in Australian politics. Stay tuned to resources, feedback and maybe just some good news stores of activism that maybe you can enact yourself to be more than an #Auspol keyboard warrior :)

Chihuahua savages young girl...

16 May2012
Not a headline you’ve ever seen? You are not likely to either, though I personally assure you it did happen - to me years ago. Earlier in the month the Daily had an article titled “Rottweiler mauls pup”.. [...] Read More...

Boredom in Paradise...

04 Oct2011
As it has been School Holidays and Em has been working with us a lot, we thought it would be interesting to have a teenagers perspective on the Sunshine Coast. Read More...

What’s so wrong with reality?

01 Sep2011
A few days ago Leone in the office was telling us how horrified she was when ordering her primary aged kids school photos online (as you do nowadays) you had the option to tick if you would like the pictures [...] Read More...

Grateful to be a Bogan Queenslander…

12 Jul2011
It’s not really NSW, it’s Sydney… Obviously with State of Origin being massive in the past few months, it has been funny reading the blogs and seeing the differences in the state now. Read More...

Up Front Stuff!

29 Sep2010
Not sure how many of you watch Q & A on the ABC, but it is a pretty good show and always gets you thinking... This week they had an interesting panel as always, though what got my back up, was the final dis [...] Read More...

Family business, the good, the bad and the ugly

21 May2010
How many of us have gotten home from work and whinged and moaned about your co-worker because you were just really hacked off with them that day? Bit hard to do when the person you are whinging about, and to, is [...] Read More...

A world with no Pat Rafter

05 Feb2010
We see so many TV advertisements from both the State and Federal Government about getting fit and healthy, doing your 30mins a day, how we are all heading down the path of being obese and not only is that bad [...] Read More...

The Internet is a scary place?

08 Jan2010
Well it is if you believe everything that Senator Conroy & Senator Fielding say? Before I go any further with this, I must state up front that I believe that censoring of the internet and protection of chi [...] Read More...

Spider webs can be your friends

11 Dec2009
All I want for Christmas is.... TIME! I went to Townsville last weekend and did a very shameful thing, broke one of my cardinal rules, and purchased the majority of my Christmas presents off-coast :( Read More...

The Youth of today are 'Terrible'!

06 Nov2009
Recently it has been all over the news about drink driving, previous to that it was raising the legal age of drinking to 21, and if you believe the news, and some of the dodgy stats it is all the problem of our [...] Read More...
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