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Not sure if the system is working, do we really have a Democracy?

Tomorrow when the war began! Australia's 'national emergency'

25 Jul2013
Not the movie, the wonderful Tomorrow series written by John Marsden, where Australia was invaded but we never knew or were told who exactly it was that invaded us. Today’s coalition press conference was a bit [...] Read More...

PNG: That's what's going on, nothings fine I’m torn

19 Jul2013
I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel... I may be cold, not naked on the floor, but I am shamed :( I know Natalie Imbruglia's song was not about Asylum Seekers, but gee, at the moment, a lot of those words [...] Read More...

#FFSF Take a good hard look at yourselves

19 Jul2013
What has happened to this country? It is like the chicken & the egg scenario, are we drawn to sensationalism because it is handed to us by the media OR do the media mete out the ridiculous hyperbole because the [...] Read More...

#FFSF Keeping it Classy Australia

28 Jun2013
The blood sport that has been our politics has been particularly unedifying and to be perfectly frank, has depressed the hell out of me. I don’t mean the fanbois type cheering of Rudd vs Gillard camps, or the [...] Read More...

Politicians, Media & Feminists beware, our Youth pay more attention than you think

23 Jun2013
My daughter Caitlin ( @LacyMartini ) had her first foray into public activism yesterday and I have to say I was both thrilled and scared for her. I was thrilled that as a young person she was entering the [...] Read More...

Women and Power Forum, Noosa, Live Tweets via @xsentertainment

16 Jun2013
Or should the question be: In a male-dominated society, how did they manage such momentous and rapid revolution? This was an excellent forum that I sadly had to miss, luckily the lovely Xanthe was live tweeting [...] Read More...

#FFSF What the hell is wrong with you people?

14 Jun2013
Enough is enough. This grubby Howard Sattler business is the last straw! I may not be an academic like the everywhere ‘Feminist for Hire’ Eva Cox, or a so-called ‘Woman’s Authority’ like Mia Feedman, I [...] Read More...

I'm Noely from Queensland and I need your help

04 Jun2013
The current state of our politics is so pathetic, that is shames me to admit, if I did not have a friend standing as a candidate I would not bother voting this year. I would just walk into the booth and write [...] Read More...

Forget the Messenger & focus on the Message for a change

21 May2013
I know I will probably peeve many with this post, though 140 characters on twitter is just not enough to explain a position on something and this morning I successfully annoyed just about everyone I know on all [...] Read More...

An epic @R_Chirgwin Twitter rant in disgust at Coalition #NDIS No Show

16 May2013
Many of you are most likely aware that yesterday a bill was introduced in Parliament to increase the Medicare Levy to help fund 'DisabilityCare', still more commonly referred to online as #NDIS. What many of you [...] Read More...

Mr Abbott’s Er Um Ah ‘Woman of Calibre’ blunder speaks volumes

08 May2013
Ok, I was not going to go here, all manner of Feminists, accredited & self-proclaimed have had a say. Some I agree with, some I think are getting hung up in exactly what many of us on Twitter are always com [...] Read More...

Christian vs God Squad in Australian politics

05 May2013
Before anyone gets offended by that title, let me explain. Religion and Faith is a topic that will always get people riled up, angry, mostly offended in same way shape or form. It is a difficult one to discuss [...] Read More...

Laughing at Clive Palmer? Let’s see who is laughing in a few months...

26 Apr2013
I watched the media and Twitter this morning having a good laugh about Clive Palmer forming his own party, United Australia Party (UAP). All sorts of condescending comments, “You can’t buy a Government Cliv [...] Read More...

The never-ending #NBN story, it's not all about LOL Cats onYoutube...

14 Apr2013
Well, we are currently living on acreage and there is nature all around, made more alive and real by the fact that it never seems to stop raining. It is so green, alive and you can literally smell and hear life [...] Read More...

OMG! Forget the Tech, #Fraudband is an #NBN Fail!

10 Apr2013
Before Steve Dalby (director at iiNet in IT) was attacked by Malcom Turnbull (investment banker turned politician NOT in IT) the argument over which NBN plan works best seemed obvious.  Oh my god I am so [...] Read More...
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