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Not sure if the system is working, do we really have a Democracy?

Can the last person Left on the Right, please turn out the lights?

28 Oct2014
As a wise person just reminded me, Howard’s “Battlers” was political bullshit. But just because it worked as a ploy, it doesn’t mean the ALP have to reduce themselves to the same level just to win support [...] Read More...

#ThankYouGough a legacy of real, life impacting policy

21 Oct2014
This morning, way before pollies had time to give their speeches and journalists had time to pull out their memories, we on Twitter went into #GoughWhitlam over-drive, as we do. People shared memories of Gough [...] Read More...

List of #ThankYouGough Tweets 21 October 2014 as requested

21 Oct2014
Did an awful lot of tweets this morning and a few on twitter have mentioned they missed seeing the and wanted in a list, so here you go :) Read More...

So… You trust George Brandis?

02 Oct2014
The Senator who proudly informed the nation “that people do have a right to be a bigot you know” is the person who will give the go ahead for ASIO to start kicking down doors & spying on you. Think very [...] Read More...

Picks battles? WTF! @billshortenmp you didn’t even bother with a ‘skirmish’ to protect Australians?

30 Sep2014
There was nothing stopping the ALP trying to make commonsense amendments to this new super snoop spying Bill that would protect us from it being abused (as it most likely will be)? Read More...

Slow Clap Australian Government, you have done what no Terrorist could :(

26 Sep2014
The man who has ‘form’ in using the ASIO (I am so sorry Timor-Leste, many of us in Oz are ashamed of that action) in the past, the political party who took us to war on mythical WMD’s and our Dear Leader who [...] Read More...

Rulz is Rulz! Whether you are Joe Blow, Jill Dill or PM of Australia.

16 Sep2014
A bloke called Grant Wyeth has written an article in The Drum titled “The 'birther' barrier is holding Parliament back”and if he thought his high & mighty attitude of “Let's hope this silly undertaking of [...] Read More...

My vote is for sale. Cost? A Federal #ICAC.

11 Sep2014
Let’s build a list as to WHY we need a Federal ICAC. I Cranky Pants Noely, make this pledge, I will NOT vote for any candidate or party in future who will not agree to and abide by a Federal ICAC. Read More...

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, NO, it’s #SuperNewman

07 Jul2014
Many of us actually find the hi-viz antics of our esteemed Prime Minister Tony Abbott rather embarrassing, but, Queensland Premier could have topped him with the putinesque style spin – who would have thought [...] Read More...

Does the 2014 Lowy Institute Poll answer some Clive-aggedon questions?

09 Jun2014
Cruising the news this morning I came across an interesting Peter Hartcher piece from a few days ago. I say interesting as I don’t particularly find Hartcher’s work normally interesting, a tad too self-impo [...] Read More...

Clive’s sexism: Hallelujah the media see the light

04 Jun2014
I would seriously suggest that before you - the media* - go lecturing us punters about outrage in regard to sexism that you take a good hard look at yourselves, your past inaction invalidates you and does NOT give [...] Read More...

Ricky is too busy for PM Abbott, what about the rest of us?

30 May2014
Senator elect, Ricky Muir has pretty much dissed any discussions with PM saying "he cannot get time off from his job at a rural sawmill in regional Victoria". Now I really like Judith Ireland, I like the way she [...] Read More...

Frances Abbott scholarship: Corner PM for answers or his daughter?

23 May2014
I don’t know about you, but I am one of those daggy old fashioned types that honestly feel that ‘family’ of high profile people should always be off limits to media and in turn, we the public. Read More...

Look! You Punters just don’t understand 'time honoured' traditions ok?

05 May2014
I saw some awful reports in regard to poor Joe Hockey, our esteemed Treasurer, 'being for sale' in the paper this morning. Scurrilous journalism at it's best.  Sky News was right onto this outr [...] Read More...

Unhand that Women's Service Sir!

28 Apr2014
I had already started to write about Family Violence before I became aware of the decision of the NSW State government to put Women’s Refuge services out to tender. This decision seems frighteningly irrespon [...] Read More...
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