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Not sure if the system is working, do we really have a Democracy?

Hey Qld LNP? Blame Joan for your shock #QldVotes result

02 Feb2015
A funny thing happened on the weekend, Queenslanders ignored historical convention, a shipload of advertising and the wishes of the Courier Mail to say, “Yeah, no... Don’t think so Campbell”. Read More...

Reef, Asset Sales, Sackings... Are not the biggest issues for #QldVotes

29 Jan2015
None of the above are the real issue or should be in this particular election. In fact, in my opinion, regardless of whether it is a decade ago or a decade into the future with different issues being “OMG this [...] Read More...

Qld LNP will win #QldVotes. Why is this so?

22 Jan2015
A recurring theme has been, why are the LNP favoured to win the Qld Election when there has been so many broken promises, poor MP behaviour, some would say corrupt decisions and Queensland’s economy is worse [...] Read More...

No wonder those outside of Queensland look at us in #QldVotes and say WTF?!

10 Jan2015
The #ImWithStupid drama typifies how ludicrous #QldVotes is. The fact that a bloke basically having a bit of fun and taking the piss out of some uptight young LNP campaigners can result in 3 Police Cars and a [...] Read More...

Unions vs Big Business - #QldVotes a quick & dirty guide to politics Queensland style

09 Jan2015
In Queensland both these groups have been fundamental politically, more so than usual. You are all thinking, “of course Unions & Big Business play major roles in the big two political parties” and you are [...] Read More...

The LNP vs The ALP - #QldVotes a quick & dirty guide to politics Queensland style

07 Jan2015
Ok, the busy Christmas period is over and nothing much is happening Federally so the Queensland election being announced yesterday (06 Jan 2015) had Twitter falling over itself with a new election to play with. [...] Read More...

Queensland Election 2015, Why so soon Mr Newman?

07 Jan2015
It’s on! Queensland will be heading to the polls on the 31st of January 2015. Now, we all expected an election this year, though considering it did not have to be held until no later than 20 June 2015, we did [...] Read More...

WTF! Australia? Your 'stupid' is showing :(

29 Nov2014
Where is the outrage over CSIRO cuts? Where is the crossing live to a research facility to get the breathless report on the sacking of hundreds of workers and their devastation about uncertain futures ? Where are [...] Read More...

Julie Bishop, Australia’s First Lady of Calibre

23 Nov2014
You would have to be living in a cave to have missed the blitzkrieg of Julie Bishop puff pieces in recent months. It seems that the only woman in Tony Abbott’s Cabinet may be the solution to all of the Govern [...] Read More...

20 reasons we should thank Bazza for his #G20BrisVegas serve

16 Nov2014
Look if US President Obama can try to cosy up to us with BrisVegas I reckon we can call him Bazza. The political pundits may call him a “lame duck president” but Bazza may have done us punters in Australia a [...] Read More...

You know what is “obnoxious” Barnaby Joyce? You!

11 Nov2014
Queensland after Wayne Goss became Premier bore no resemblance to Queensland prior to THAT election. Wayne Goss may not have been a man of as far-reaching stature as Gough Whitlam, though it would be an ignorant [...] Read More...

Can the last person Left on the Right, please turn out the lights?

28 Oct2014
As a wise person just reminded me, Howard’s “Battlers” was political bullshit. But just because it worked as a ploy, it doesn’t mean the ALP have to reduce themselves to the same level just to win support [...] Read More...

#ThankYouGough a legacy of real, life impacting policy

21 Oct2014
This morning, way before pollies had time to give their speeches and journalists had time to pull out their memories, we on Twitter went into #GoughWhitlam over-drive, as we do. People shared memories of Gough [...] Read More...

List of #ThankYouGough Tweets 21 October 2014 as requested

21 Oct2014
Did an awful lot of tweets this morning and a few on twitter have mentioned they missed seeing the and wanted in a list, so here you go :) Read More...

So… You trust George Brandis?

02 Oct2014
The Senator who proudly informed the nation “that people do have a right to be a bigot you know” is the person who will give the go ahead for ASIO to start kicking down doors & spying on you. Think very [...] Read More...
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