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Not sure if the system is working, do we really have a Democracy?

Let’s stop pretending. We want this Government to burn at the stake!

08 Nov2017
We pretty much have a Constitutional crisis happening here in Australia, though no-one really wants to call it, as, well, we are all lazy and it serves just about everyone’s interest to keep the sideshow roll [...] Read More...

EXCLUSIVE: Largest abuse of tax payer funded scheme costing Aussies squillions uncovered

02 Nov2017
Hey Current Affair, Daily Telegraph and any other tabloids interested, have I got a front page scoop for you? Forget dole bludgers, this is welfare bludging on steroids. I'll give you the teaser, then, howz about [...] Read More...

Who exactly is waging the 'Dirty War' on Barnaby?

22 Oct2017
I am really conflicted over the Barnaby Joyce rumours - politically, ethically and emotionally. Though not being mentioned on TV political news shows, everyone on social media would have seen the article by Sharri [...] Read More...

Dab on the haters and political pundits

06 Oct2017
Bill Shorten was supposedly pandering to young voters this morning. Meandering through a disstrack, slandering Pine and Abbott, his boring perception shattering with every staggering swaggering clapback. Accused [...] Read More...

UPDATED: The #SSM debate and your RIGHTS as a viewer

15 Sep2017
This piece has been updated to include the new information from ACMA and the Bill that passed through Parliament that will be in force during the period of The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. Read More...

#TheyGetToVote makes you uncomfortable? So it bloody should!

14 Sep2017
One of the hardest things to cop with the this dodgy divisive survey the Government has inflicted upon the nation is the faux balance we constantly see. “Both sides be respectful”, “Respect other opinions [...] Read More...

Hey Bro? Did Joyce try to pull the wool over our eyes?

17 Aug2017
Conspiracy theories are so de rigueur, just ask Julie Bishop 😉 Yesterday we entered day two of #BroGate and mate, didn’t the Government double down on the whole “OMG! Treason! Bill Shorten and the Labor [...] Read More...

PM’s Finest Moment? yeah… nah

06 Aug2017
The leak of that infamous chat between our Prime Minster Turnbull and the newly elected President Trump – at the time – has been the talk of the town and obviously Twitter exploded, which is always fun to [...] Read More...

The AHA PaTH internship deal looks like an expensive taxpayer funded shout?

02 Aug2017
So yesterday I watched the press conference Malcolm Turnbull had with Michaelia Cash to flog the latest ‘coup’ of the AHA (Australian Hotels Association) agreeing to take on 10,000 PaTH Interns over the next 4 [...] Read More...

Respecting of the rule of law ~ What about S44(i) Mr Turnbull? #RulzIsRulz

28 Jul2017
I have to admit, I am finding the MYEH! attitude of many in media – and punters – in relation to breaches of Section 44 (i) of the Australian constitution very puzzling. So many of these same people were [...] Read More...

Why We Should Publicly Fund Elections

19 Jul2017
I was going to start with, “I love Australia”. Maybe I love the concept of loving Australia, maybe I love the Australia I used to know or maybe I just want to love Australia. One thing I do know is [...] Read More...

Party Business is killing good government in Australia

16 Jul2017
Whole trees have been felled in what media like to refer to as the “protest vote”, though a bit like privatisation - the Voldemort of the Energy debate (HAHA!) - it is rare for them to consider it might be [...] Read More...

Back to Basics #Auspol on Twitter

14 May2017
On Tuesday (09 May 2017) Caitlin Mary and I did our regular #AuspolPunters podcast on PolitiScope #auspollive, you can listen here if you missed it: #AuspolPunters | Noely and Caitlin | 'Back to Basics' Read More...

Internet of Good on #Auspol, Tweeps you need to follow

14 May2017
We are building a definitive list of those people on Twitter who inform us, investigate for us and advocate for us, who are not paid to do so and are outside of standard media or organisations. We are doing this [...] Read More...

Every Australian should be given the opportunity to own a home

12 Mar2017
Jobs, Growth and Affordable Housing. Here's my plan to achieve it Read More...
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