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Not sure if the system is working, do we really have a Democracy?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott DO NOT deserve Equal Billing!

01 Jan2013
Back to the Twilight Zone... It seems that it is now acceptable that whenever our Prime Minister addresses the nation, so does the Opposition Leader? I am not quite sure when this started, though I did notice it [...] Read More...

Political Correctness is hurting Humanity

30 Dec2012
It would be hard for any human being to not feel for the horrific attack on the young woman in India recently. We don't know this woman's name, though I sick of her being referred to as 'the rape victim', and will [...] Read More...

All I want for Christmas is... For an old-fashioned Mum to run the country

21 Dec2012
No offence to Julia Gillard and I am not being feminist. I also don’t mean the new helicopter style mum, I mean the old-fashioned, commonsense, “Get Over It and Get On With It” style Mum. Read More...

Benefit of the Doubt on "Doing Important Things For Australia"

20 Dec2012
Not talking about Tony Abbott here (well not directly), more about the state of our media. Unlike the new NRL rules, I will give our Journalists the benefit of the doubt. Read More...

Where is the #Ashbygate Outrage?

13 Dec2012
The day after Gillard’s (now famous) 'misogyny' speech I woke up thinking I was in the twilight zone. Everyone I knew was amazed or affected in some way, yet, the morning news and papers barely referred to it [...] Read More...

Dear Mr Abbott, the future is not old white conservative males!

10 Dec2012
I am generally apolitical and not particularly interested in playing the Holden vs Ford game we have in our political system, neither the ALP or Coalition truly represent the interests of the Australian elector [...] Read More...

Hello? Remember me? The Voter?

30 Nov2012
Both Queensland & Federal Parliament has finished for the year and all I can feel is sad. Very Sad. Political Parties are running both our State & Country, NOT elected representatives... Read More...

A Tale of Two Men, Celebrating International Men's Day, in‘Context’

19 Nov2012
Many of you may not be aware that today, the 19th of November is actually International Men's Day, and the theme for 2012 is - Positive Male Role Models. I for one can see a lot of irony in that theme in the [...] Read More...

It’s YOUR Choice Bro

16 Nov2012
I would love to know when it became accepted that Australia was an extension of New Zealand? When I was younger I used to think the advantages Kiwis have in this country as opposed to other nationalities was [...] Read More...

Worse than Trolls: Tools!

15 Nov2012
Just recently I read a great article on a blog I follow called “Twitter: a sugar-hyped toddler in need of a good lie down”. It was very thought provoking and really did remind me of school, where it seems [...] Read More...

How many silent Catholic bystanders are there?

14 Nov2012
I wonder if there is so much support (and anger) amongst Catholics themselves about this Commission being announced is because they are quietly ashamed of themselves? I know I am! Read More...

Thank You Joh Bjelke-Petersen

12 Nov2012
I read an interesting article this morning A letter to my so-called 'progressive' friend by Jamila Rizvi. The passion the writer shows for the rights we have in this country to vote, not only was a great reminder [...] Read More...

ALP, Coalition, Green or OTHER?

11 Nov2012
Mathematicians are happy campers this week, having Nate Silver show that true scientific analysis of polling data is more accurate than the so-called expert opinion... Read More...

Noosa, A 'Grimm' Separation

31 Oct2012
ONCE upon a time, a long long time ago, there was a sunny, beach lined Kingdom, ringed by beautiful mountain ranges, three different villages all living happily, ruled benevolently by their three very different [...] Read More...

Battle of the Sunshine Coast Libs, the only game in Town, Why is it So?

15 Oct2012
Like a lot of people, the drama's of last week fascinated me.  I am one of those that loved Julia's speech.  Before anyone (particularly guys) start to lecture me on how I did not understand the 'poli [...] Read More...
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