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Not sure if the system is working, do we really have a Democracy?

The shameful reason why I can't bring myself to vote for the Liberals

10 Feb2013
I am not ashamed that I won’t vote Liberal, or in my case as I am in Wide Bay, their bosom buddies the Nationals, as obviously I can vote for whoever the hell I like. My shame is my ‘reasoning’ for taking [...] Read More...

My concern over Ms Michelle Grattan’s move to The Conversation

09 Feb2013
Contrary to what can be seen in the ‘National Times’ and an extraordinary press conference on the ABC the other day to announce a Journalist (yes a Journalist) changing jobs, the average punter has no bloody [...] Read More...

Punter calls BS on CM's Mal Brough 'puff piece'

07 Feb2013
I am not a journo, not an academic, nor an expert on Government, but even a punter with a basic level of high school education can call bullshit on this Courier Mail report today by Peter Hall, · February 07 [...] Read More...

Are Liberals just for the self-interested & wealthy or am I missing something?

02 Feb2013
Party politics both repels me and fascinates me at the same time. The whole Holden vs Ford media perpetuated doctrine irritates & repels me. What I find fascinating, particularly watching Twitter conversations is [...] Read More...

Education is a right, your 'choice' not to accept what is on offer, is not!

30 Jan2013
Every child deserves the right to a decent education, not just the kids whose parents can afford it. No child deserves to feel ashamed that they went to a State School! Read More...

We should not give a rats about Gay rights!

22 Jan2013
This morning on Twitter a heap of people were re-tweeting this section of Obama’s public Inauguration address: "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else [...] Read More...

Prime Minister Gillard has her nose in front, at the moment...

19 Jan2013
Ten bonus points to the Leader who will refrain from repeating the same phrases over & over again, I and my fellow voters are NOT morons. Read More...

Ms Gillard, Why placate the Religious? They won't vote for you!

16 Jan2013
The Australian Labor Party are supposed to be the advocate for the 'battler', are not the LGBT Community that is persecuted, the Struggling Single Mothers, and the Socially disadvantaged who will be hurt by your [...] Read More...

Punters hurt by Political Party Dictates & Dictators

14 Jan2013
The recent restructure of the Queensland Police force has starkly highlighted the very serious problem of how slavish adherence to party politics actually hurts democracy. What has happened on the Sunshine Coast [...] Read More...

Is Opposition Leader Tony Abbott 'Doing Important Things' for the Rural Fire Brigade?

09 Jan2013
Is Tony Abbot rushing off to help fight bushfires really helpful? I am aware that Mr Abbott has been part off of the Davidson Rural Fire Brigade as a volunteer since 2000, because the *Australian kindly informed [...] Read More...

Do we really care about 'Our Selection'?

04 Jan2013
Voting, Compulsory vs Voluntary – has gone off... Wayne Swan had a spray at the Sunshine Coast Uni and this morning Barnaby Joyce has been out there warning us all that “Scrapping compulsory voting would be a [...] Read More...

Hmmm Why is Campbell Newman interested in Qld Electoral Reform?

03 Jan2013
Call me cynical, but when a Government decides out of the blue that “Fair and effective electoral laws are central to the promotion of participation in our democracy” (see Jarrod Bleijie press release here), I [...] Read More...

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott DO NOT deserve Equal Billing!

01 Jan2013
Back to the Twilight Zone... It seems that it is now acceptable that whenever our Prime Minister addresses the nation, so does the Opposition Leader? I am not quite sure when this started, though I did notice it [...] Read More...

Political Correctness is hurting Humanity

30 Dec2012
It would be hard for any human being to not feel for the horrific attack on the young woman in India recently. We don't know this woman's name, though I sick of her being referred to as 'the rape victim', and will [...] Read More...

All I want for Christmas is... For an old-fashioned Mum to run the country

21 Dec2012
No offence to Julia Gillard and I am not being feminist. I also don’t mean the new helicopter style mum, I mean the old-fashioned, commonsense, “Get Over It and Get On With It” style Mum. Read More...
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