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@jackietrad on fire with #poorprem

18 Jan2014
Having said that, I have been really cranky that since Bill Shorten got the top job for the ALP he has been pretty much AWOL. We all remember in the previous Government how you would be watching Sky or ABC24 and [...] Read More...

Real Life or Twitter, a Grub is a Grub

25 Nov2013
Everybody loves to bash Social Media, particularly Twitter, everyone from media talking heads, politicians & sportsmen to B Grade celebrities have had their say in print media & television decrying the nastiness [...] Read More...

OMG! Forget the Tech, #Fraudband is an #NBN Fail!

10 Apr2013
Before Steve Dalby (director at iiNet in IT) was attacked by Malcom Turnbull (investment banker turned politician NOT in IT) the argument over which NBN plan works best seemed obvious.  Oh my god I am so [...] Read More...

Google Reader is dead, long live... well every other RSS reader that is out there!

14 Mar2013
Yes it's a shame that Google Reader is going (Powering Down Google Reader), especially as I have been such a heavy user over the years, but for heavens sake its a free program. Yes Google has a few dollars in [...] Read More...

Sounds too good to be true? Usually is...

21 Nov2012
I know this will make me sound petty, but, I am only going to say what a lot of IT Professionals are thinking. How cool is the failure of Click Frenzy? Read More...

Worse than Trolls: Tools!

15 Nov2012
Just recently I read a great article on a blog I follow called “Twitter: a sugar-hyped toddler in need of a good lie down”. It was very thought provoking and really did remind me of school, where it seems [...] Read More...

Anonymous Keyboard Warriors Troll on...

13 Sep2012
There has been a lot of hooha over social media recently, twitter in particular, and personally I find it a little ummmm dramatic. I mean no offence to the odd person who has truly been attacked by ferals using [...] Read More...

Up Front Stuff!

29 Sep2010
Not sure how many of you watch Q & A on the ABC, but it is a pretty good show and always gets you thinking... This week they had an interesting panel as always, though what got my back up, was the final dis [...] Read More...

The Internet is a scary place?

08 Jan2010
Well it is if you believe everything that Senator Conroy & Senator Fielding say? Before I go any further with this, I must state up front that I believe that censoring of the internet and protection of chi [...] Read More...
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