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Why We Should Publicly Fund Elections

19 Jul2017
I was going to start with, “I love Australia”. Maybe I love the concept of loving Australia, maybe I love the Australia I used to know or maybe I just want to love Australia. One thing I do know is [...] Read More...

Party Business is killing good government in Australia

16 Jul2017
Whole trees have been felled in what media like to refer to as the “protest vote”, though a bit like privatisation - the Voldemort of the Energy debate (HAHA!) - it is rare for them to consider it might be [...] Read More...

Presence and Perspective

13 Jun2017
On Thursday 1 June 2017 Paul attended the She Leads 2017 Conference run by YWCA Canberra. Encouraged to take away at least one thing from the day Paul took away “Presence and Perspective”. Read More...

Drug-testing blitz catches out Sydney netball squad in cocaine supply ring

22 May2017
Latest Headlines...   Drug-testing blitz catches out Sydney netball squad in cocaine supply ring Partner of star netballer left in hospital after domestic abuse…  Netballer retaliates after [...] Read More...

Back to Basics #Auspol on Twitter

14 May2017
On Tuesday (09 May 2017) Caitlin Mary and I did our regular #AuspolPunters podcast on PolitiScope #auspollive, you can listen here if you missed it: #AuspolPunters | Noely and Caitlin | 'Back to Basics' Read More...

Internet of Good on #Auspol, Tweeps you need to follow

14 May2017
We are building a definitive list of those people on Twitter who inform us, investigate for us and advocate for us, who are not paid to do so and are outside of standard media or organisations. We are doing this [...] Read More...

Every Australian should be given the opportunity to own a home

12 Mar2017
Jobs, Growth and Affordable Housing. Here's my plan to achieve it Read More...

Noely's excellent #PenaltyRates Cut twitter adventure ;-)

07 Mar2017
OK, I spent too long this morning debating with COSBOA (Council of Small Business Australia) on Twitter the penalty rates issue. Check out my timeline this morning if interested in that. Anyhow, long story short [...] Read More...

Penalty Rates COSBOA Twitter debate

07 Mar2017
For those interested, this was the COSBOA debate I had on Twitter this morning about Small Business and Penalty Rates. Read More...

Yous are all hatriots, but not my beloved Malcolm

06 Mar2017
A few days ago I read a piece by Peter Hartcher called “It's heyday for the hatemongers, but Malcolm Turnbull can hold the middle” and yes I will admit, I’m not a fan of Hartcher’s analysis. Quite frankly [...] Read More...

Fair Dinkum! Who exactly deserves respect?

10 Feb2017
Australia is supposed to be a classless society with all of us being equal in the eyes of the law and Justice is supposed to be blind? Supposed to be. Read More...

Read the much vaunted 'Entitlements Review' not much changes

11 Jan2017
There are 204 pages in the "Independent Parliamentary Entitlements System Review February 2016", including 36 recommendations. I would strongly suggest that anyone who is interested in the rorting we have seen [...] Read More...

Politicians need a dose of reality because they are giving us the shits

06 Jan2017
I absolutely shudder to think what the turnout of our population would be if we did not have compulsory voting. Hopefully we wouldn’t end up with a megalomaniac reality TV star like the US has. Though knowing [...] Read More...

Please help us get an idea as to the State of the Internet in Australia?

31 Oct2016
The nbn seems to have gone quiet again in the media, yet, many are still waiting for it. We need to know if you are speeding along the information super highway or crawling along the interwebz at a frustrating [...] Read More...

Refugees: Australia has a role to play. Let’s discuss it

22 Aug2016
I have chosen to write this in order to add in some way to a discussion around what is a real human crisis in our region. Given that I have not really written anything for a very long time, this was quite an [...] Read More...
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