Open Letter to OUR Elected Federal Government Representatives
From a 'Voter' to our 'Elected Federal Government Representatives',

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Have you seen this excellent & thorough explanation of exactly what the reforms are and how they will affect the media? "Explainer: Conroy’s proposed new media laws" by Martin Hirst Associate Professor Journalism & Media at Deakin University?

I appreciate that you are most likely receiving an awful lot of correspondence in regard to this proposed legislation.  I also understand that not a lot of time has been allowed for it.  Please, seriously consider allowing the legislation to go through as it is in the best interests of the PUBLIC, Australian Voters. 

It is not perfect obviously and in my opinion does not go far enough, though as someone who has previously tried to make complaints with the Press Council, I can assure you, that as a member of the public they are impossible to deal with and the public themselves are not treated with any respect & consistently given the run around in regard to the basis of the complaint.  Yet it seems that other media companies & politicians can get satisfaction from the Press Council?  They are not supposed to be just an umpire for internal media spats, they should also be listening to the public and they are not.  In fact, it is easier to deal with a telco than the Press Council, if you are a member of the Public, so what does that tell you.  

We have independent umpires in many facets of business, Ombudsmen, ACMA , even the likes of the RBA, none of those industries have fallen over?  The Television stations have not fallen over.  The hysterical nature of the News Ltd papers alone in the past few days are the strongest indicator that you need to vote for this legislation.  I would also suggest you review the Senate Enquiry held yesterday afternoon.  Mr Williams of News Ltd did not answer any question that had anything to do with the ‘public’ at all, was all about his business & his nose out of joint as he was not consulted, nor should he have been, Government should not be going hat in hand to big business for legislation changes, MP’s & Senators work for us, the public, and as far as we are concerned, Mr Williams is only ONE voter.

I also ask that you be very aware of the opposition claim in regard to diversity in media and the tossing out of ‘the internet’ gives diversity.  This is very very cute on behalf of them, any IT expert will tell you that the number of people who are getting their news from the Internet is negligible and not a factor at all as yet, if that was the case, the News Ltd papers would be charging heaps for each of their online papers, which they are not!  Saying that the Television has diversity in news is also dodgy, every single morning news show (which have massive ratings) will repeat more than once, ‘What is on the front page of the newspapers’, so even then the message from print press is spread further.

These 2 companies, Fairfax & News Ltd have the power to bring down Governments & change public policy with their campaigns which are against their own business interests.  They need to be reined in.  We need more diversity in this country (it is a joke if you look overseas) and we need the Press Council to do their job and it is clear that we need an Independent adjudicator above them to make them do it!

Please, seriously, in this debate played out in the media there has been little attention paid to the actual PUBLIC!  If you care about you’re electorate and the voters in this country, support Media Reform.

Yours sincerely,
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NOTE: If you are reading this as a visitor to my blog & would like to do similar to me and contact people you think would support this reform - or not, this is a democracy still after all - please visit Australians For Honest Politics who have a list of MP's & Senators to contact.   I would also suggest you contact you're own Federal MP to give him or her feedback as well :)

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