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13 Feb 2015

Tony Abbott, Why you gotta be so rude?

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Parody song inspired by "No Guilt" - Gillian Triggs, Australian Human Rights Commission attack

SoundCloud: "Tony Abbott, Why you gotta be so rude?"

[Verse 1]

9pm Thursday-you gave parliament. A human rights report.
Details traumatized children, 100's in-fact. In Immigration Centres.
All over the country, and at high risk. Of mental disorders.
With no education add self harm to the list...

[pre chorus]
Do you feel “any guilt” for the state of their lives.
Mr Abbott you said “none whatsoever”.
Political enemies are everywhere
Stopped the boats, I guess, but what was the cost?

Why you gotta be so rude?    Don't you know they're human too?
Can't you see it's really screwed.  I guess it's all labors fault you say.
No more campaign-Step up or be on your way.
We're sick of this shit, in spite of what you say.
Incompetency- no accountability?

          Why you gotta be so......r-u-u-u-de
          Why you gotta be so......r-u-u-u-de

if you don't laugh you'll cry, “blatantly partisan”.
You ought to be ashamed, “political exercise”

       Why you gotta be so...

Original: Rude by MAGIC!
Parody: Caitlin Mary
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