All I want for Christmas is.... TIME! I went to Townsville last weekend and did a very shameful thing, broke one of my cardinal rules, and purchased the majority of my Christmas presents off-coast :(

I am sure the people in Townsville are very nice (they were to me), but I like to spend money where possible, here in our own backyard and support our local economy. Everything has been so chaotic in the lead up to Christmas that I had to use a 2 hour window of opportunity on a weekend break? How sad is that!

There is nothing better than cruising around the likes of the Eumundi markets or the local boutiques, waiting for something to call out to you that will be perfect for someone in particular. Not only do I feel good about spending my hard earned money to help locals, you get the bonus of a gift that you know your relatives will most likely not have seen before, like the mass produced products you get in a chain store or franchise. So all you local retailers out there this year, please accept my apologies.

We are typical of many in small business here on the Sunshine Coast, own & operate your own business, limited staff, and are normally parents as well. I have no idea how others like us who have more kids, get everything done for Christmas, carrying on working fulltime, yet fulfill Christmas social obligations, satisfy meeting up with all the relatives, and of course do that last minute drop off of the kids to the beach, movies, you name it? OOO! Don't forget, the food, the decorations, presents, all ending up being organised at the last minute in the stinking hot weather, at overcrowded shops. Of course you also need to make sure the place is nice & tidy for your visitors, even if you are up at midnight doing it, just so you can sit back with the rels and "pretend" to relax? I sooo envy all the visitors who will be arriving here this afternoon, who have either flown or driven in and really only have yourselves to worry about!
We have three Family Christmas gigs coming up, one this weekend at our house, one down the Gold Coast the weekend after, then Christmas Day at our house...

So after consultation with my husband, who has come up with the very apt "Well apparently it is the thought that counts" comment, we are treating ourselves to a 'stress free' Christmas! Yep, giving my rels the heads up now LOL! The house will not be tidy, there may still be palms around the pool, that spider in the web in the corner of the ceiling is our friend, and I will be attempting a calamari dish on the barbecue I have never tried before as I don''t' have time to practice it prior to your arrival this weekend. BUT, I can assure you, that the company will be pleasant and relaxed and you will enjoy yourselves here!

Please, have a great Christmas! All you visitors, we hope you enjoy our beaches & Hinterland. For all my fellow locals who are just as busy, take some time out! I am sure sitting back and having some quality time with a relaxed chat with your friends and relatives will be way more appreciated, then a flash present and you in a narky mood. Honestly, can a few spider webs really hurt anyone?

Have a safe, fun & merry Christmas!

Original Issue #117:  "Spider webs can be your friends" The MSC Editors Desk 11 December 2009

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