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13 Apr 2014

#MyBroadbandvReality Super Sized SURVEY

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SURVEY NOW CLOSED - Stay tuned for data summary within a few days :)

You are viewing this Survey page as you have clicked on the link on "Help us help you! #MyBroadbandvReality Super Sized" or a friend in your networks has sent you here and we thank you for it.

As per last time, we need what the MyBroadband site says your Internet 'type' & 'speed' is and of course if you could go to to get what you are 'actually' experiencing.  Some of you will have done this before, though please note we are trying to get greater numbers this time, so we ask that you please resubmit this data so we can compile with the extra questions so we have a fuller 'picture' of the Internet state of play in our nation as it is.

Fast Stable Internet access is a UTILITY not a Luxury!

Sadly, the internet is too often presented in media as a 'luxury' instead of the 'utility' that it really is - it is akin to inferring that a bathroom inside your home is a 'luxury'?!  If we were to be told all of a sudden that some of our houses could have inside bathrooms, others could have thunderboxes out the back, some may even have to share that very same thunderbox with the rest of the street & some would not even get that, but would have to hold on & hope it was not raining to take a pee out in the back yard, you could pretty much guarantee that 'people' would not be accepting that sort of inconvenience or disparity, just because of where they live. Internet usage will only increase in future, we ALL need 'stable & fast' access in our homes, businesses, schools & more... Not thunderboxes we know will need to be replaced or stop working when they get too full ;-)

We will of course add your responses to our "#MyBroadbandvReality submission to the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network" data to pass on to the Senate Select Committee & other interested Government MP's. Please fill out the survey & spread it around, link on Facebook, Tumblr, hell any social media networks you belong to, the more people who respond the better for all us :)

TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY: You will need to open up in a different tab in your browser, please enter your address on the 1st big box there at the top, once you click on the yellow Go Box, a new page will show with a map, under that map is a big white box (which is pretty much all disclaimer) click on 'click here to close X' to get rid of it so you can see what type of broadband you have available & what the median speed is.  Note the media speed is the yellow figure on the left of the detail box (the only yellow figure), if you are unsure you are in the right place it should look like the picture in the comments below, blue which says "broadband profile for your area".  You will also need to go to the likes of & put in your details there, this one is very simple and it will give you an indication of what your 'real' speed is.  If you have any problems, please just contact us.

SURVEY NOW CLOSED - Stay tuned for data summary within a few days :)

Survey will stay live until the end of April so we can get as many respondents as possible.

Thank you very much & of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us for clarification or further information.  If you can, we would also appreciate it if you could disseminate this Survey through as many networks you may have as you can.  The more respondents we get, the more data and of course the more attention we hope to raise to in regard to this issue.

Noely, Paul & Pascal
#MyBroadbandvReality Senate Submission Team

IMPORTANT Note: We have asked for your name & email address (if you include in the comment area if you have a question for us - it is NOT a question in the form itself).  This is just in case we have an issue with your data you submitted & need to clarify it, ie you may have done a duplicate entry or you yourself asked us a question in the final field and needed us to answer it for you so that you could fill out the detail accurately.  When compiling the actually data, your email address will be REMOVED totally and your name will be converted to a Respondent number (as per our last survey).  Your name & email will NOT be used in any way shape or form by us except for in the manner it was intended as per the first sentence of this note, nor will it be viewed by or passed on to any 3rd party entities, including the Government.

Interim Update 26 Apr 2014:  Thanks to Renai LeMay of Delimiter who did a piece on our new survey, really appreciated :) ‘Super-sized’ broadband survey targets MyBroadband

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