Disclaimer:  Contrary to popular belief on Twitter I am NOT an ALP member.  Yes I don’t like Tony Abbott and regular readers know exactly how I feel about the Qld LNP triumvirate of Campbell Newman, Jarrod Bleijie & Jeff Seeney.  Though having said that, I don't mind my local MP, he may be LNP but he has delivered what he promised & does interact in the community fairly. I AM a fan of Democracy though & having a social conscience, something that seems to be sadly lacking in both Queensland & Australian leadership at the moment.  The only political party I have ever been a member of was the Democrats, a decade ago back in the day.

Sooooooo I have been really cranky that since Bill Shorten got the top job for the ALP he has been pretty much AWOL.  We all remember in the previous Government how you would be watching Sky or ABC24 and the ALP would make a new policy announcement and the very next comment would be, “Now we will go to Tony Abbott...”  It almost got ridiculous, why would you go to an opposition member for a comment instead of more clarification from a Government representative?  Regardless, it was a winner for Abbott, he was front & centre, pointing out any issues on any bloody subject night & day.  The ALP have done none of this, hence my annoyance.  It makes it very hard to support a party, even if you are only supporting them because you despise the other party, if they are not appearing to be helping themselves.

Queensland is in a bit of a different dilemma.  The ALP in Queensland were decimated at the last election, leaving only 7 of them in Parliament, something that many Queenslander seriously regret now.  With only one main paper, the Courier Mail to hold the Government to account, it is difficult for the few ALP members to get any traction in the media.  Personally I prefer Brisbane Times though being online only it is not as popular amongst punters.  Now Annastacia Palaszczuk is a lovely lady, who upon speaking with her, I honestly think does give a damn, though for some reason is not getting the same opportunities to prosecute the case for the ALP in the media and out in the public in general.  I seriously hope that will improve in the next 12 months as she deserves to be given a fair go.  Something which is another frustration for me as the damage I feel the Qld LNP have done to this state in such a short time is phenomenal.  Changing voting, #VLAD, Campbell’s Tower of Power, the sackings, the Consultants getting a fortune, the list goes on & on...  With no upper house in Queensland, this Government can do as it chooses.  We are as close to a dictatorship you can get in this nation, hence the popularity of the #HereWeJohAgain hash tag.

So who is fighting this?  I understand the ALP can’t ‘force’ media to pay attention to them and I obviously don’t have all the answers, but I can say that this morning, Jackie Trad the member for South Brisbane actually gave me hope.  No slimy slogans, no uppity press conferences, just down in the trenches show of passion.  It was wonderful to watch, to see a politican call bullshit on a media puff piece on CanDo. The piece, “Premier Campbell Newman reveals frustration over authoritarian image”. (yes, it is along the lines of Poor Mr Premier LOL!) please note this was of course an ‘exclusive’ so obviously those “spin doctors the taxpayer is forking out for” have started earning their exorbitant fees?

Jackie may not have been able to get in front of a microphone, but gee, she returned fire in a way that got many of us on twitter pulling out the popcorn & feeling there might be some hope in Queensland.  If you missed it ENJOY!

I have seen Ms Trad have a few slanging matches on Twitter in the past and I am sure that Ms Trad will most likely get herself into trouble at some stage by showing this sort of passion, but you know what, who cares!  When was the last time you saw a pollie actually call BS instead of arrogantly fluffling around with hyperbole?  I know I enjoyed Peter Wellington (Qld Independent) holding Bleijie to account on Twitter as well, unfortunately one man can only do so much.  To see an MP from a major party do similar is quite frankly, sensational and I sincerely hope to see more it in the future and from more MP’s.

Thank you Jackie Trad for reminding me that not all politicians are cynical polished career performers angling for the next big job or business opportunities outside politics, it is sincerely appreciated :)



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