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22 May 2017

Drug-testing blitz catches out Sydney netball squad in cocaine supply ring

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Round 13 (2nd last of the ordinary season) Sunshine Coast Lightning vs NSW Swifts, final score 63-49 to Lightning. Thought I better tell you as you would not have seen in a sports wrap on TV ๐Ÿ˜ž

Latest Headlines...

Drug-testing blitz catches out Sydney netball squad in cocaine supply ring
Partner of star netballer left in hospital after domestic abuse… 
Netballer retaliates after racist sledge from fans…
Match fixing and betting under scrutiny after last night’s Melbourne vs Sydney netball clash

Clearly these headlines are made up, although not for click bait reasons. It was to highlight in an absurd manner what you haven’t read about netball, and in particular the aptly named Super Netball comp in Australia.

To those that have spoken with me, which is not many as I am quite antisocial, I am very vocal in my support of netball. My wife played as she was growing up, my daughter also played growing up, I even assistant coached and drove the daughter and other team mates everywhere.

The game is great on so many levels. Speed, fitness, on court effort, off court friends, stamina, loud, fun and that is just the under 7’s. As the kids get older it just gets better for spectators and players alike, right up to the new Super Netball competition.

Some facts that many don’t know about netball.

  • It is the second most popular organised recreation in Australia (first is aerobics/fitness) (1)
  • Ties with soccer as the most popular team sport which is another sport you can play from 5 years old and up (1)
  • Over 430,000 people aged 15 or older play per year (43,400 were male) (1)
  • Netball was called Women’s Basketball until 1970 in Australia and New Zealand (2)

So there you have it; the most popular team sport in the country, second most popular organised recreation, a brand new national competition and what do the usual media outlets talk about.

Easy, the latest drug, sex scandal, abusive, overpaid, bullshit that they have always done almost exclusively about men and football or cricket codes. Oh, and occasionally about some raw talent (or lack of) especially where it pertains to an individual who may get a new contract.

These reports are not just due to the patrilocal society slant of the media alone, as the media do not entirely exist in a bubble. It of course comes back to the old chestnut of eyeballs and advertising as the media will only talk about what allows them to keep talking.

This leads me to think there are two avenues left for Netballers to succeed in equal/fair payment terms as the top level professional it is.

  1. Sex and drug scandals, combined with abusive relationships with the odd well publicised stint in rehab to recover from their hard life
  2. People who enjoy watching quality clean sport need to turn off from the rubbish in the media, find and devour every article about Netball thereby forcing advertisers to move on

Ok this is all overly simplistic of course but just have a look around at the common place sport headlines and what the repetition of the same deplorable shit has desensitised you to.

There are some great role models in male sports, yes even the rugby ones, but the country also has some amazing new role models in this new round of netballers who need all the support that you can give.

The Super Netball season should be included in every single sports wrap up in all forms of media, which alone would assist in their profile and potential greater sponsorship. It is to the medias shame that they do not.

To all sports reporting media, grow a pair and report on this fantastic sport and athleticism, that just happens to be played by the other gender.

by Stephen
"Just waiting for someone at Castle Black to sing Ring of Fire"

For the record you can watch live on 9Gem / Telstra TV and Netball live ap, more information here:  



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