On Tuesday (09 May 2017) Caitlin Mary and I did our regular #AuspolPunters podcast on PolitiScope #auspollive, you can listen here if you missed it: #AuspolPunters | Noely and Caitlin | 'Back to Basics'

We don’t normally do a blog post after a podcast, but in this one we chatted mostly about how we all use Twitter to discuss #Auspol and referenced a number of articles and of course a heap of Tweeps, so thought a little data dump would be a good idea to help out those tweeps who were wanting to take note of those people and articles we referenced. As we, who actually spend time on twitter know, it is much more than:

Twitter is variously accused of being a haven for leftist outrage and a cesspool of alt-right fascists. It is seen as a crucial tool for crisis communication and a place where millennials share photos of their lunch.*

We are also very aware that many of us actually use Twitter to expand our knowledge further from what we read in the papers or hear on Television. This can only happen due to the many wonderfully knowledgable tweeps who give of their expertise freely. Some are freelancers, so please note, if they have their own subscription channels or patreon accounts, if you can support them, please do, as we all benefit from their work. Obviously it goes without saying that if you can’t support them in a monetary sense, at the very least, please ensure you follow them:

Informative Tweeps:

This is NOT our exhaustive list of informative tweeps, we mentioned more during the podcast and are asking all of you to let us know of others, let's make this a growing list and give credit where credit is due. We really can't emphasise enough that we would like you on twitter to let us know who is really informative on a variety of subjects, relevant to auspol, so we can build a useful stand alone list of tweeps you should be following and supporting. Maybe this list could even help somebody in the future who is new to #Auspol.

The following list is in alphabetical order, because that is just the way we roll, though have started this one with Founder of Politiscope as obviously we would not be doing podcasts without the lovely Denise :)
Denise Shrivell @deniseshrivell 5PMsin5yrs brought me to #auspol for views beyond political news on MSM/ABC. Once you've seen it, you can't unsee it. Own opinions...
PolitiScope @PolitiScopeOz Citizen journalism creating & curating content powered by the active, large & informed #auspol Twitter community. Doing the job the 4th Estate currently can't
Paul @davispg  I (may) have passed the Turing test. Don't aim for perfection as the minutia consume valuable time, aim for excellence.
lynlinking @lynlinking  Addicted to Politics, Avid Reader, Twitter is my hobby. My goal is to share as much important information as possible, Blog articles, Newspaper Articles etc.
Lyndsey Jackson @ok_lyndsey  My latest Drupal side project triggered a Senate Inquiry. I'm effective. Hit me with excellent opportunities :)
Rosie Williams @Info_Aus  Founder - The Little Bird Network #CensusFail #cashlesswelfare #metadata
Asher Wolf @Asher_Wolf  Cryptoparty founder. Published in @gizmodo @meanjin @TheRegister @crikey_news @guardian. https://medium.com/@Asher_Wolf

I KNOW we have missed heaps in the above as these were people who we just happened to mention on our podcast. There are many more, so PLEASE let us know in the comments below or ping either Caitlin or Noely on Twitter to add their details 😊

We also talked about #Auspol politicians themselves on Twitter. Many have a presence and tweet links or info, but sadly, not that many MP’s or Senators actually interact with the odd punter. It is perfectly understandable that due to the time constraints – and to be frank, some of the shitty ways that some punters attack pollies – that they could not possible answer all queries, hell, I can’t always respond to all my interactions due to time, work, life etc. But, having said that, there are a few who do actually interact, particularly with Tweeps who are their own constituents, which is a good thing, so we thought we should give them a shout-out. Of course, if we have missed any, let us know.

Graham Perrett MP (MP for Moreton) who is a bit of wag, probably summed up quite well how a rep should be on Twitter:

Pollies who interact on Twitter:

For fun, I have noted how they describe themselves on twitter

Darren Chester  @DarrenChesterMP  Member for Gippsland - Cabinet Minister - Marathon runner - surf lifesaving volunteer - Passionate about regional communities - left-handed - Swans fan
Sam Dastyari  @samdastyari  Senator for NSW
David Feeney  @Feeney4Batman  Labor MP for Batman
Ed Husic  @edhusicMP  MP for Chifley, Shadow Minister for Digital Economy, Employment Services, Workforce Participation and Future of Work - plus an aspiring wildcard NBA draft pick
Stephen Jones  @StephenJonesMP  Labor Member for Whitlam, Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Local Government, Territories and Regional Communications
Mike Kelly  @MikeKellyofEM  Seeking to make a difference. Love my Brumbies, Raiders, Wallabies & Niners.
Jacqui Lambie  @JacquiLambie  Senator for Tasmania. Advocate for Australian war veterans and injured soldiers. Looking after Tasmania's unemployed. Promoting adult literacy programs.
Andrew Leigh  @ALeighMP  ALP MP in Australian Parlt. Dad of 3. Economist. Author of 'Luck of Politics', 'Economics of Just About Everything', 'Battlers & Billionaires'. RT≠Endorsement.
Sue Lines  @linessue  Labor Senator for Western Australia. http://www.suelineswa.com  http://www.facebook.com/SueLinesWA
Scott Ludlam  @SenatorLudlam  Authorised by Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
Cathy McGowan  @Indigocathy  Independent Federal Member for Indi. Champion of all things regional Oz. Run by Cathy & McGowan team. #inditalks. #indivotes, #loveindi, #indiacts
Graham Perrett  @GrahamPerrettMP  MP Moreton & Whip; lawyer; author: 12th Fish, Big Fig & Solid Rock; teacher; literature & music lover; bass-player; husband; dad; dog, cat & yabby owner.
Helen Polley  @polley_helen  Shadow Assistant Minister to the Leader (Tasmania), Shadow Assistant Minister for Ageing, Labor Senator for Tasmania Making a difference.
Louise Pratt  @Louise_Pratt  Labor Senator for WA, Shadow A/Minister for Families & Communities. Socially progressive, mum, sometimes gardener & Freo Dockers supporter.
Michelle Rowland  @MRowlandMP  Mum, Federal Labor Member for Greenway, Shadow Minister for Communications, cricket tragic.
Joanne Ryan  @JoanneRyanLalor  Opposition Whip, Member for Lalor
Wayne Swan  @SwannyQLD  Wayne Swan is the Federal Labor Member for Lilley. He is also the former Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia
Susan Templeman  @stemplemanmp  Federal Labor Member for Macquarie. Former journo and small business owner. Mum of two 💪🏻🙌🏻 Email is the best way to catch me: Susan.Templeman.MP@aph.gov.au
Murray Watt  @MurrayWatt  Dad, True Believer, ALP Senator for Qld.
Tim Watts  @TimWattsMP  Federal Labor Member for Gellibrand. Dad, Dogs Fan, bibliophile, author (@twofuturesbook). Authorised: Tim Watts, 97 Geelong Rd, #Footscray.
Tim Wilson  @timwilsoncomau  A modern, forward-looking Liberal who serves the people of Goldstein. Formerly Australia's Human Rights Commissioner. More http://www.timwilsonmp.com.au
Penny Wong  @SenatorWong  Labor Senator for South Australia (All tweets by Penny unless otherwise indicated) http://www.facebook.com/senatorpennywong … RT≠endorsement
NOTE: There are some Twiter faves missing from the above list and that was due to looking at their tweets and noting they may be amusing, informative, prolific tweeters, but, don't actually ever interact with a punter or constituent on twitter.

Some have a great sense of humour, like Stephen Jones owning Noely the other day LOL!

Honorable Mentions:

@TonyHWindsor & @DrCraigEmerson who are ex pollies interact with punters & give some pretty good insight into the political process in this nation.

Dishonourable Mention:

@GChristensenMP Who will often respond to a punter with his 'thoughts' before he before he blocks that person LOL! Hell, like quite a few pollies, he will block people who have never even tweeted to or at him SIGH!

Link dump:

* Australian Twitter is more diverse than you think
#auspol: The Twitter hashtag Australia can’t live without
Twitter and defamation; what you should know

As we have said above, if you can please add to this list, particularly the ‘informative’ tweeps, that would be great, as the more we follow who can improve our knowledge, the better Twitter is for all of us. Not to mention, these tweeps deserve recognition AND a follow from you.
Noely & Caitlin Mary
Remember: Play nicely on Twitter 😉
PS: As an aside, Noely's mate @interrogativus wrote a really good piece called "Internet of Good", and there are some really good thoughts and a wonderful example as how we can all contribute to make Social Media a more collaborative - and good - world for all of us.

We are currently working on "Internet of Good on #Auspol, Tweeps you need to follow" with more info on people you should follow and support.

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