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This area was former knows as 'Stuff'. Where I put random thoughts, it is now being revamped to accomodate #AuspolActs. Which is a twitter initiative to help people make a positive difference in Australian politics. Stay tuned to resources, feedback and maybe just some good news stores of activism that maybe you can enact yourself to be more than an #Auspol keyboard warrior :)

She’ll be right... Not!

29 Oct2013
Question: Your kid or partner was stung by something that swelled really quickly & looked nasty, what would you do? Answer: Immediately go to Doctor as something about the situation just did not sit ‘right’ [...] Read More...

#FFSF Warren Mundine's racist tweet is beyond the pale

04 Oct2013
I will start with a statement: “I despise racism, homophobia, religious intolerance, sexism, you name it... I honestly fail to comprehend how human beings cannot be respectful of each other FULL STOP.” I do [...] Read More...

When did we become complacent and take our eye off the ball?

18 Sep2013
What saddens me more is that there is very little outrage about this situation? Within 24 hours we had vague comments by the likes of David Speers on Sky which normally started with “The ALP have criticised.. [...] Read More...

Where are the 'Women of Merit'?

16 Sep2013
The whole of Ms Gillard’s period of Prime Ministership after her now world famous Misogyny Speech we have been told that Mr Abbott does not have a “Woman Problem”. No, No, No, I have been told many times [...] Read More...

We took an Each Way bet in the Senate, there is NO Mandate

09 Sep2013
The vast majority of media have achieved their objective of getting Mr Abbott the top job, so I fail to understand why they are continuing to just repeat verbatim whatever comes out of the Coalition PR department [...] Read More...

I am the audience of The New Front Page

26 Aug2013
As a punter, books written on media, particularly ones based on the relationship between traditional media institutions and the internet fascinate me. Not because I have any wonderful attraction to wanting to be a [...] Read More...

WTF! Tony Abbott is your BOSS Ms Scott, not your friend!

19 Aug2013
I am really busy at work at the moment & was going to let #SexAppeal go, thinking that others would step in & fill the void on the TV Stations & Newspapers as obviously they are corporate environments so very we [...] Read More...

Trust me, I do Volunteer ‘Stuff’

10 Aug2013
Yesterday I read a very good article by Jennifer Wilson “Let’s talk about trust”, how both Prime Minister Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott are both trying to pull the “Trust me, No! Trust me more. [...] Read More...

Tomorrow when the war began! Australia's 'national emergency'

25 Jul2013
Not the movie, the wonderful Tomorrow series written by John Marsden, where Australia was invaded but we never knew or were told who exactly it was that invaded us. Today’s coalition press conference was a bit [...] Read More...

PNG: That's what's going on, nothings fine I’m torn

19 Jul2013
I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel... I may be cold, not naked on the floor, but I am shamed :( I know Natalie Imbruglia's song was not about Asylum Seekers, but gee, at the moment, a lot of those words [...] Read More...

#FFSF Take a good hard look at yourselves

19 Jul2013
What has happened to this country? It is like the chicken & the egg scenario, are we drawn to sensationalism because it is handed to us by the media OR do the media mete out the ridiculous hyperbole because the [...] Read More...

#FFSF Keeping it Classy Australia

28 Jun2013
The blood sport that has been our politics has been particularly unedifying and to be perfectly frank, has depressed the hell out of me. I don’t mean the fanbois type cheering of Rudd vs Gillard camps, or the [...] Read More...

#Origin explainer - Why it is so important to #Queenslanders - You know nothing John Birmingham

25 Jun2013
Mr Birmingham, who lives in this great state of Queensland questioned why State of Origin matters, yes, titled “Remind me why this Origin thingy matters”. Now I know Mr Birmingham has children and this is [...] Read More...

Politicians, Media & Feminists beware, our Youth pay more attention than you think

23 Jun2013
My daughter Caitlin ( @LacyMartini ) had her first foray into public activism yesterday and I have to say I was both thrilled and scared for her. I was thrilled that as a young person she was entering the [...] Read More...

Women and Power Forum, Noosa, Live Tweets via @xsentertainment

16 Jun2013
Or should the question be: In a male-dominated society, how did they manage such momentous and rapid revolution? This was an excellent forum that I sadly had to miss, luckily the lovely Xanthe was live tweeting [...] Read More...
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